Introduction to Data Analysis

1. Setup

As mentioned in the introductory pages, this course uses R, a free and open source software used by data analysts in many different contexts. In the next pages, we explain how to set up R and its companion software RStudio for the course.

Computer equipment

Before we start installing and setting up anything, let's review the other tools that you will need to use in this class. You do not need to be a computer nerd to understand what follows. Remember to ask questions in class if things are unclear to you.

If your laptop is less than three years old, it probably matches everything in the list above. Tablets and other gadgets won't do. Finally, do not forget to bring your battery charger, as well as a USB stick in case the local wifi network fails us.

Computer skills

Along a laptop with Internet access, you will need to acquire a few computer skills to get through the course without too much hassle. Here's a short selection of such skills, on which we will also work during class.

These are very generic skills that will serve you in a variety of contexts.

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